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I trust your professional opinion – you keep me on track and don’t miss a thing!


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In the beginning

Creating helpful and fascinating content and sharing it widely (content marketing) is an essential part of the marketing process for any organisation. This is something that Jacqui Cooper recognised for her own image consultancy and life coaching business.


I’d decided moving forward I needed more support to create blogs and newsletters. I wanted to write more but knew I didn’t have the skills to upload and design formats etc. In addition, I needed to recruit the services of a proofreader.

And that’s where I came in …


How we work together

Jacqui has a natural and fun writing style that both conveys her personality and entertains. I provide support to make sure that her blogs and email newsletters have maximum impact by checking spelling, grammar and the flow of the piece. As well as looking at the words I also help with images, design and formatting to make the blog or newsletter as attractive as possible. And, I post the blog on Jacqui’s website and send the newsletter via MailChimp.


Email newsletter

Jacqui Cooper newsletter
Jacqui Cooper newsletter example
Reviewing the format and design of the newsletter, plus cleaning and updating Jacqui’s data has helped to increase:

  • Open rates to an average of 44% (industry average 16%)
  • Click rates to 11% (industry average 1.4%)
  • Client engagement.

Have a look at a sample email newsletter.



Updating the format and design of Jacqui’s blog, alongside some proofreading and editing gives a more polished and professional blog – which matches Jacqui’s own approach.


Jacqui Cooper blog
Example of Jacqui’s blog

Have a look at Jacqui’s blog.



You are my missing gene, the attention to detail with anything admin related! You are highly organised and precise. Your energy is calm and still whereas I can be ‘all over’ in my head with creativity. My newsletters and blogs are presented in a professional manner and you check everything I write. You keep me on track and you don’t miss a thing!



Jacqui generally writes her own copy, but occasionally I provide support where required – here’s a link to a ‘tutorials’ page that I wrote for Jacqui to showcase her video makeup tutorials (which are a great way to help with SEO).



Jacqui Cooper how to guide
Jacqui’s first ‘how to …’ guide

Often, I start working with a client on one service and by getting to know their business – and them getting to know me – we end up working together on other areas too. And this is the case with Jacqui; through our catch up meetings we discussed content marketing and came up with the idea of a series of ‘how to …’ guides. These are a great way of showcasing Jacqui’s knowledge and sharing advice – and they are a useful tool for social media and sending traffic to the website. I also designed the layout of this guide and got it printed professionally for a free giveaway at one of Jacqui’s events.


You’ve been very supportive in working towards a marketing plan with me and I’ve already recommended your services!


Jacqui Cooper